General dermatology

General dermatology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails, as well as the adjacent mucous membranes.

Environmental factors, certain professions (eg wet and dirty work), hobbies (eg swimming, sauna, pottery or pets), nutritional factors, misconduct in the field of personal hygiene and sanitation (eg too much showering or hand washing, wrong manicure and pedicure) and last but not least an individual genetic predisposition can stress the skin, the mucous membranes, the hair and the nails and therefore pave the way for other diseases, such as Allergies, viral warts and fungal infection.

My role as a dermatologist is primarily a clear diagnosis, effective treatment of the acute symptoms and, in particular, a prevention of the onset of such symptoms through education of the underlying causes.

Our treatment spectrum includes the following most common diseases:

  • eczema
  • neurodermitis
  • rashes
  • acne
  • rosacea
  • Psoriasis
  • Allergic diseases
  • Bacterial skin diseases
  • viral diseases
  • fungal infections
  • Excessive sweating / hyperhydrosis
  • Malignant skin tumors
  • Benign skin tumors
  • Dysplastic birthmarks / moles
  • pigment disorders
  • Hair loss
  • STDs

The ordinations of Prof. Robert Loewe, MD, Dermatologist in Vienna

"Experience, ease and patience." These are the cornerstones of the two dermatological practices of Prof. Robert Loewe, MD, Dermatologist in 1080 and 1180 Vienna. An individual consultation without time pressure for your dermatological questions and needs is the first step to an efficient treatment. This comprehensive consultation and treatment is guaranteed by the many years of experience of Prof. Robert Loewe, MD as dermatologist.

Our ordination is exclusively organized as a modern private practice. There are no budget constraints and restrictions on the freedom of ordinance. Sufficient time is guaranteed for each patient - so one can comprehensively assess and analyze every clinical picture.

In the two private dermatologist practices of Prof. Robert Loewe, MD, we expect our patients to be complemented by a serene atmosphere in modern, bright premises and an extensive range of general, operative and aesthetic dermatology services. Our patients are always the focus of our actions. We work according to the guidelines and according to the latest scientific standards. Good, understandable explanation and well-informed patients are a matter close to my heart.

Due to my long experience and my extensive clinical work at the Department of Dermatology of the General Hospital in Vienna, Medical University of Vienna, I can offer competent advice and treatment in all questions and problems concerning skin and venereal diseases.

We run modern dermatological practices and care for patients of all ages. Our goal is a comprehensive care of our patients with the most modern medical methodology to find and initiate the individual appropriate therapy.